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Cinque Terre

This 1 liter Diffuser is composed by an elegant bottle, from which come out black fiber sticks, able to give off the scent in order to perfume your places.
As high concentrated home fragrance (15%), Biancotalco perfumes gently but persistently the interiors, thanks to a formula rich in high quality raw materials, masterfully elaborated by the hands of David Maruitte, already creator of our personal fragrances Salina and Décou-vert and of our home scents Di-Vino and Melomirtillo. Biancotalco is a musky poudré fragrance, in which White Musks sustain the notes of Rice and Violet, softened by Milk, Vanilla and Sandalwood.
Top note : Rice Rose Violet
Middle note : Milky notes – Vanilla
Base note : Sandalwood White Musks

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