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Herrera Confidential expresses the evocative and enigmatic memories of the Herrera family through scent. Each fragrance is a poetic journey into the opulent world of Carolina Herrera, housed in precious fine crystal and sealed with the house initials. An elegant collection of four luxurious original oils, always daring to explore the unexpected.آ Pure Oil of Rose is concocted from the richest damascene rose of Bulgaria. Pure and concentrated, it is the perfect oil for layering with Nightfall Patchouli, Amber Desire and Oud Couture, adding an elegant and hypnotising personality to the fragrances.

This Pure Oil Of Rose by Carolina Herrera has a deep rosy aroma. The House of Herrera recommends layering Pure Oil of Rose with Nightfall Patchouli, Amber Desire and Oud Couture.

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