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Cinque Terre

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As fearless as a feline, as exclusive as the rarest jewel and as wild as freedom itself. That is the Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum for women, a sensual fragrance that will become your everyday muse and inspiration. Its noble notes will become a luxurious accessory to your everyday outfits, highlighting your unique charisma perfectly……….

The opening notes belong to dried fruit, citrus accords of bergamot, juicy rhubarb, sweet strawberries and a sweetly spicy anise. Subsequently, a captivating ylang-ylang gets to the forefront, as do the notes of romantic rose, sweet pear, a delicately bitter orange tree blossom and gardenia. Finally, a sensual conclusion sets in, bringing unconventional notes of moss, unmistakable musk, leather and patchouli…….!

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