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Cinque Terre


ZEFIRO is the homage to Rome and its baroque alchemy, distilled into a strong and mysterious perfume thanks to the suggestive and elusive formula, akin to the rare magic of an esoteric mix. Thanks to the use of resins – especially the full incense – it evokes an intoxicating ecstasy that can reach heavenly heights. His honeyed sweetness finds its basis in the tone and power through the balanced agreement of amber and herbs. The velvety embrace of the resulting composition enchants the senses into the hypnotic intoxication caused by wine must and iris.

Top Note:Elemi Resin, White Wine, Artemisia & Bergamot

Heart/Middle Note:Iris, Carnation, Cinnamon & Cardamom

Base Note:Amber, Precious Woody Notes And Sweet Thick Honey

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