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Cinque Terre

A risk-taking fragrance that dares to voyage into the infinite, Guerlain Vol de Nuit Eau de Toilette is a exceptional olfactory creation. This rare and enigmatic fragrance takes its cues from the great voyagers of the early 20th century, from Hأ©lأ¨ne Boucher to Antoine de Saint-Exupأ©ry. Vol de Nuit takes a journey into the unknown with its assertive personality, with floral and woody facets that meet with with an oriental trail as bold as the night’s sky. Reserved for charismatic women, Vol de Nuit is a tour de force of notes that exalt courage and a thirst for adventure above all else. It is a fragrance that must be tamed by its wearer, who must take the time to uncover its enigmatic character.

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