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Cinque Terre

Shay & Blue are the masters of the fresh, modern fragrance that says what it needs to say with admirable directness. Dandelion and Fig is no exception – if you are looking for something that combines the herbal freshness of an English garden with a sly twist of colonial exoticism, then look no further.

Here the sharp green snap of tomato leaf mingles with the bracing hotness of lemongrass, a pleasing hybrid between an ice-cold Pimm’s and a Thai curry that makes perfect sense when you smell it. Ever crush dandelion stalks between your fingers as a kid? The clever juxtaposition of soft and sharp green notes in this scent nails that smell. Add the gin-and-tonic fizz of juniper berry and the wilted green sweetness of fig leaf, and what we have is the perfect tonic for cooling one’s brow under the hot midday sun. Bottoms up!

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