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Cinque Terre

Watermelons – Full and moist. Crunching, quenching watermelons. And the freshness of green mandarin. Contrasted with green tea and clipped vetiver. Explosively watermelon. Explosively fresh.

The “perfect summer fragrance” is going to mean different things to different people- maybe something beachy, or super-fresh, or bright and fruity. But one sniff of Watermelons and we think you might fall in line with our thinking- it really doesn’t get more summery than this.

Watermelons more than lives up to the straightforward name, gifting us with a central watermelon accord that asserts itself front-and-center throughout the life of the fragrance, juicy, sweet, refreshing and completely realistic. It’s supplemented with a cadre of delightfully light, fresh supporting notes: gently sweet honeysuckle, lightly tangy mandarin, sparkling green tea, and a soft vetiver base. Summer is here, and as long as you have a bottle of Watermelons, it’s not going anywhere.

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