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غير متوفر في المخزون

رمز المنتج: MANPFZ011

Mancera Amber Fever  is an interpretation of amber dipped in intoxicating whiskey, sweetened by caramel, and sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts. The opening is gourmand and very addictive, composed as a harmonious blend of whiskey, tonka bean, hazelnut, and caramel notes accompanied by a floral arrangement. The floral decor exudes aromas of rose petals, Indian jasmine, and powdery violets. The base gives off the extra heat that comes from amber and teak wood, along with moss and a white, musky trail.

HEAD NOTES:Whisky Notes, Tonka Bean, Roasted Hazelnuts & Caramel.

HEART NOTES:Rose Petals, Indian Jasmine, Violet.

BASE NOTES:Oakmoss, Teakwood, White Musk, Precious Amber.

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