Citrus Effronté by TALMIRA

350 AED

  • للجنسين
  • أو دو برفوم(EDP)
  • ٥٠ مل

Cinque Terre

رمز المنتج: 33333

“Citrus Effronte first impression starts with the notes of citrus lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, neroli and cool rosemary.

Such a bright citrus start is picked up by a sweeter lavandin solo in the heart.

The noble citrus-lavandin bouquet sits elegantly on a woody, mossy base of balsam fir, cedar, smoky vetiver, oakmoss, soothing sandalwood and tonka bean.

This unisex scent is an ode to the peaceful beauty of nature. The refreshing citrus beginning in it is pacified by the scent of lavandin oil and emphasized by the restrained aristocratic sound of wood with smoky and balsamic notes.

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