Voile de Chocolat by TALMIRA

350 AED

  • للجنسين
  • أو دو برفوم(EDP)
  • ٥٠ مل

Cinque Terre

رمز المنتج: 55555

“This perfume is oriental delicious chocolate in a bottle.

Voile de Chocolat opens with a top note of honeysuckle. And then it is immediately intertwined with the captivating aromas of chocolate and almond. The nobility and piquancy of this gourmet composition is complemented by tobacco. At the heart, Voile de Chocolat has a powdery accord, smoothly intertwining with a sensual base of intoxicating patchouli, vanilla, leather, musk and precious oud.

Voile de Chocolat may well become a perfume aphrodisiac.

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