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رائحة العود

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Agarwood was the oldest and most expensive tree considered in ancient civilization. Agarwood has a very deep connection with Islamic history and culture. The incenses and perfumes produced from agarwood are considered as a pivotal element of many cultures and are used for spiritual and aphrodisiac purposes.
History of Agarwood:
The history of agarwood is as old as 3000 years. It started in China, Japan and India, but nowadays it has a booming rise in usage in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and many other Gulf countries.
Agarwood is called “the Wood of God”, because Adam’s only permitted tree to take from the Garden of Eden was the Agarwood tree. Worldwide it’s the most popular scented incense, especially in the Middle East. The Primary source of Agarwood is the Aquilaria species mostly found in the forests of South East Asia.
How We Obtained Agarwood Oil:
In Retrospective, oil gets extracted from the Agarwood tree through different processes and still the amount of processes grows. The most famous process is steam or water distillation in which the tree is soaked in water and then put into a boiler for the distillation. After distillation, the obtained pure oil is used for a variety of purposes from medicinal to the fragrance Industry.
The Agarwood chips and perfume made from Agarwood tree are some of the most lucrative and flourishing business in UAE and in many other countries. They are used in the form of perfumes and incense sticks, to steam clothes and also in different religious gatherings, because the smell is long lasting and enticing.
The Agarwood oil is also known as Oud oil. Nowadays, many brands started using Oud oil in their perfumes to disseminate the smell with other notes and create an “oriental woody” and soft fruity fragrance. The Incense smells like sweet balsamic and shades of vanilla, musk and amber. The Oud oil is also used in many end-user industries like cosmetics, beauty soaps and personal care products.
The proliferation of the demand is due to the amount of advantages in different industries like pharmaceutical and also in the beauty and fragrance industry. According to the experts, the darker the color of the wood (due to fungal invasion), the more oil will be extracted from that wood.
Is it Really that Expensive?
The average price of 12 grams ( Tola ) of Agarwood chips is around 100-1000 AED, depending of the wood type and quality. UAE is the highest global consumer market as well as the biggest exporter of Agarwood chips. Now many people are concerned about the extinction of wood in different regions. This automatically creates higher demand and a lower supply of wood, which increases the price on the market. The alternative for Oud oil is synthetically produced and misses the extraordinary aroma of Agarwood and the resinous smell that a profound user is looking for in Agarwood oil.
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