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12 Best Arabian Perfume Brands in 2021

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There’s always something luxurious about Arabian perfumes, be it the fact that their wearers leave their scent merely by walking past you or the fact that these scents are really long lasting. There is definitely something magical about these scents. And who doesn’t want to smell like a million bucks? We are hooked to these Arabian perfumes and hence we’ve jotted down a list of Top 12 Best Arabic Perfumes, so let’s have a look:

12 Best Arabian Perfume Brands


Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC is a renowned family owned business based in Dubai which was founded back in 1979 by visionary Abdul Razzak Kalsekar, who also happens to be the company’s Chairman. It is one of the Best Arabian Perfume Brands . Rasasi has established a worldwide reputation over the course of four decades for providing and ensuring quality, luxury and elegance. And hence today, Rasasi is ranked amongst the UAE’s foremost fragrance companies, driven by global vision. Rasasi is thus a name of a class which has been providing quality fragrances to its customers. If you want to buy this Arabian oud perfume online, you can buy it from our site.


The fragrance kitchen comes next in our ranking of the Best Arabian Perfume Brands . It was founded by His Highness Sheikh Majed Al Sabah. TFK combines Middle Eastern scents and Eastern laboratory expertise to bring up some high-quality scents. H.H Al Sabah has worked with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, the latter for whom he made a perfume included in the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Apart from Asian Oudh, Saffron, Cedar wood, and musk, the Sheikh’s perfumes allegedly contain fresh French and Bulgarian roses. They come with a wide range of fragrances and all of them are exquisite and long lasting. It is definitely one of the best Arabic perfumes.


Hind Al Oud is a very unique and contemporary luxurious perfume brand which offers a wide range of fragrances rich in quality and oils extracted from natural raw materials and presenting them to you in a modern and elegant way, ultimately making you fall in love with these fragrances. This is by far one of the best Arabian oud perfume brands. It was established by businessman Mohamed Al Hilal. This brand uses elements such as patchouli, bergamot, cyclamen, and almond in their scents to give them a natural touch. It won the Best Traditional Niche Fragrances award by the Dubai Economic Department in 2004. You can buy this Arabian oud perfume online from our website too.


Yas Perfumes captures the essence of glorious times in its captivating fragrances which are made for those who possess a taste for exclusivity and eminence. It is a UAE based company and is among the arabian perfume brands companies. It is founded on the heritage of the earliest Emirati tribe, Bani Yas, from which both the Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum royal families descended. The perfumes are a perfect amalgam of Arabian and French fragrances. They include scents like red musk, agar wood, chili, cedar, and violet. It is an Arabian oud perfume and its wearers love it.


It is a perfect destination for style-conscious shoppers. Swiss Arabian offers a unique variety of exquisite, exotic and high-quality designer fragrances in both concentrated oil and Eau De Parfum selections. These are the scents that enhance your style language and stay with you for a long time. And hence, it is one of the best Arabian oud perfumes. In the early seventies, Hussein Adam Ali established the country’s first perfume manufacturing company in collaboration with Swiss perfumery giant, Givaudan Roure, the latter providing technical expertise and the basic know how to the new fledgling Arabian perfume houses. This alliance between an Arab pioneer and a European perfumery giant gave birth to Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG) which has now become a leading Arabic perfume oud brand.


Al amaken is next in our list of the best arabian perfume brands. It is an energetic and enticing woody fruity scent that gives you a passionate hug and takes you on a mystifying journey ultimately leading to special places in your heart. It is like a tender place in your heart that stores your most precious and unforgettable moments. Warm vanilla embraces heady jasmine and deep, romantic roses. It is these notes that create the long-lasting signature base notes in your wake: A scent that leaves the memory of you behind for people to cherish!!!


AL Basel ranks next in the best Arabian perfume brands. It has warm vanilla notes which embrace heady jasmine and deep, romantic roses. It is these notes that create the long-lasting signature base notes in your wake making it a scent that leaves the memory of you behind. The Fragrance Al Basel is very masculine with fresh and fruity top notes which transforms into woody and ambery heart.

8. ALIA:

Alia means ‘noble’ in Arabic. The composition is combined of sweet, fruity and spicy notes. It has top notes of Lavender, Lemon, Watery. Middle notes of Rose, Herbal, Sweet and Base notes of Patchouli, Amber, Cedarwood, Vanilla, White Musk which make it an exquisite scent for its lovers. Hence, we’ve placed it in our ranking of the top Arabian oud perfumes list. You can buy Arabian perfume Brands online at our website.

9. AMAL:

Amal by Swiss Arabian is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Top notes are peach and pineapple; middle notes are rose and jasmine; base notes are sandalwood, cedar, musk, caramel and vanilla. It definitely comes among the list of best Arabian oud perfumes. Best Arabic perfume brands are available at our website.


We would conclude our list of the best Arabian perfume brands with the Attar Ahlam perfumes. It is a warm oriental fragrance for women and men, i.e., it is unisex. The top notes are of saffron, jasmine and ebony. The heart is slightly fresh and offers mint, woodsy notes, amber and cumin. White musk, vetiver, rose and orange blossoms form the base. Hence, we can say that these scents are made with extreme delicacy. They are an oriental, versatile perfume without corners and edges, which is suitable for men who prefer oriental perfumes without harsh notes and have no objection to a little flowery. This one could be a go to perfume for such people.

11: Art Perfume

Art Perfume is a new Arabian perfume brand from the United Arab Emirates which works on providing great scents and fragrance at best prices with finest raw material.

At Art Perfume the fragrances are designed with the true intention to make customer life full of scents and happiness

Art Perfumes perfumes are made with royal,elegant and luxurious design with great perfume notes which suits everyone’s personality.

Art Perfume fragrances are one of the finest choices for your daily wear or in gatherings or any event where you want to look adorable and unique.

Best arabian Perfume Brands

12: Dhabi

Dhabi is one of the trendy Arabian Perfume Brand It is designed with pure organic perfume notes made with luxurious design bottles It is made for both men and women.

Dhabi perfume is one of the best choices for the Arabs who love to be unique,trendy and to look rich. This perfume is surely for you, it has all the power to make your mood and make your day full of scents long lasting. 

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Best Arabian Perfume Brands


Arabian perfumes are like a delicacy which will enhance your style language forever. We hope this list was of use for you. You can buy these Arabian perfumes online from our website. These were some of the best Arabian oud perfumes of all times. Add them to your life and make people remember you and your scent.

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