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براندوز ولتيمات كولكتيون

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The renowned jeweller Graff made its foray into fragrances with the production of its own perfumes in 1989. The perfumes that Graff introduced, like “Amber”, quickly gained a reputation for being as exquisite as the diamonds that Graff is known for.


As a perfumer, Graff holds the same core philosophy of “balance” as the company does as a jeweller. The perfumes of Graff embrace the same principles of jewellery, in the sense that they, like diamonds, contain a multitude of facets. Graff’s fragrances are both as sensual and sexy as they are sophisticated and elegant. The fragrances are just as well-suited for formal occasions as they are for casual events and are at the same time both classic and modern.


Graff’s perfumes consist of an intense bouquet and fresh fruit fragrances. They open with bright notes of bitter orange, golden citrus, ginger and davana. The heart of the perfumes are made out of rose loukoum, jasmine and a patchouli and vetiver base. The result is a fruit- and flowerlike essence that is unmistakably feminine.


The fragrances perfumes are contained in a beautiful art deco bottle that holds the unique emblem of “Graff”.

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