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Detail Guide: How to Apply Perfume OIL?

By December 1, 2020December 3rd, 2020One Comment

How to apply perfume oil and where to apply perfume oil are the questions that come in one’s mind. We are here with all your answers.

Most of the commercially available perfumes have a very high alcohol content, up to 95%. The pure perfume oil in the alcohol mixture is only a small amount of 5-20%. Our concentrated perfume oils contain no alcohol.

They are almost alcohol-free. The perfume oils are therefore much stronger than eau de parfums or eau de toilettes and should be used in a small amount because less is more.

Just a few drops of the concentrated oil are enough for a beautiful fragrance result for all day long.
In order to answer how to apply perfume oil, there are two ways, let’s have a look:


How to apply perfume oil

How to apply perfume oil

The traditional method to utilize scent oils is to apply the aroma by implication to the piece of clothing/garments. The scent oils can be applied with the roller top of the aroma bottle or with the instrument stick.

To do this, take at least one drop of the scented oil into the palm of the hand or the inward wrist and delicately rub the palms together.

At that point the aroma oil is applied to the garments by delicately stroking the palms of the hands over the garments.

This forestalls the ruining of the garments and guarantees that the scent oil is spread over an enormous aspect of the garments.

In any case, the affectability of the dress or the shade of the article of clothing ought to be contemplated.

Light-shaded attire or touchy textures, for example, silk ought to be tried in a non-noticeable spot heretofore. This is particularly suggested for hazier oils.



How to apply perfume oil

How to apply perfume oil

To apply directly on the skin or hair you can apply a little drop of the aroma to your inward wrists, along your jawline, behind your ear lobes, into the tips of your beard (If you have one.) or on the tips/ends of your hair.

The sillage regularly doesn’t begin promptly and is overpowering, however don’t leave yourself alone enticed to utilize more oil rapidly, yet rather sit back and watch. Fragrance oils regularly gain quality when warmed by your skin and developments.

You can generally “top up” the scent a little, however debilitating the aroma thereafter on the off chance that you have utilized a lot of is very troublesome.

Now the question arises where to apply these perfume oils to have a long-lasting effect? We will tell you where to apply perfume oils to have better and long-lasting results.

The roller bottles of these perfume oils allow you to apply our fragrance oils with extreme accuracy exactly to your pulse points.  Applying perfume oils will make the scent last longer than perfumes that are sprayed due to direct contact on your pulse points.


A major plus point of having roller bottles is that you are able to apply it discretely exactly to a place where you want to apply it and only those close to you will be able to smell it.

This is a perfect application to wear scents in an office atmosphere or on a perfect day out with your friends.


How to apply perfume oil

How to apply perfume oil

Following are the Application Steps for how to apply roll-on perfume oil. We suggest applying perfume oils on these pulse points after a nice, hot water bath for best results.

1. Apply it on your Wrist: It is a classic spot. Your arms are constantly moving which creates a sense of movement in your fragrance and that makes the people in your close proximity have a fresh breath of your fragrance.

2. Apply the perfume oil behind your Ears / Neck: Behind the ears allows the oil to create a sense of diffusion when you’re on the move. It can make the scent last long.

3. Collar Bones: are a great spot to apply perfume oil. And it is a great spot to create a sense of intimacy.
4. Inner Elbows: Serves to marginally darken the smell in the curves of the arms – ideal for longer-enduring dispersion. An incredible heartbeat point for work on the off chance that you need to wash your hands every now and again.

5. Behind Knees: It will allow the scent to rise throughout the day. The backs of the knees are hotter and gentler, and in this way bound to extend the fragrance. The territory behind the knees are ideal for summer, emanating your aroma of decision with each intersection and uncrossing of legs.

Once you’ve decided on which pulse points to use just remove the cap of the perfume oil, invert the bottle, and rub it gently back and forth on your skin. And you are good to go all day long.  Now you know how and where to apply perfume oils for best and long-lasting results

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