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11 Tips For How to use perfumes for long lasting

Have you ever utilized a fragrance or an aroma that doesn’t keep going long? Sadly, if the application isn’t exactly right, it regularly makes the aroma of the fragrance effectively vanish very quickly, particularly when you invest a ton of energy outside. Your expectation to make your body smell wonderful the entire day is then supplanted by the fragrance of the sun blended in with vehicle contamination!

When applying a perfume, you certainly need the aroma to keep going to the extent that this would be possible, correct? Whenever utilized appropriately, the best long-lasting perfume fragrances can last long. If used right, the perfumes that last all day can last longer.

Do you think you know everything about wearing perfume? But do you know how to apply perfume to make it last longer and stay fresh all the time you’re wearing it?

We have a few tips for you to make your aroma fragrance last long! These tips will tell you how to use perfume for long lasting and will help you to enjoy the beauty of your fragrance in all its glory and for a considerably longer period of time. Let’s get started:

How to use perfumes for long lasting

1. Keep your distance:

The most accurate way to spray your perfume is from around 20 cm away from the skin. In this way it will spread in a very fine manner all over your skin and won’t just concentrate like a pool of liquid on one specific area.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

2. You should always use perfume on a clean body right after a bath:

After a hot shower your pores are open, and they are ready to absorb the perfume in the best manner. Also, the perfume’s scent comes out better on clean skin and lasts longer than if it’s sprayed on dirty or sweaty skin. Perfume has a liquid that is easily oxidized by air, so the best time for you to use strong long-lasting perfume is after you take a shower.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

3. You should moisturize your skin:

If you want your perfume scent to last even longer. So, after you shower, it’s always a very good idea to use some body lotion first. Moisturized skin can make your perfume molecules stick longer to the skin. In order to prevent the scents from mixing, choose a body lotion with a neutral or less pungent scent. Choosing a lotion that smells similar to your perfume is also a good idea. The moister the skin, the longer the perfume will last.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

4. You can also apply Vaseline on your pulse points:

If you have a too dry skin, before you spray perfume as the perfume will last longer on a slightly oily skin, so you should apply a little fragrance-free body lotion or Vaseline before spraying the perfume in order to make your perfume scent last longer. Petroleum jelly-like Vaseline makes the perfume molecules stick longer on the skin. You can also apply it to the body area close to your pulse points.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

5. Try not to store your perfumes on the bathroom sink:

Dampness, warmth and light may cause the perfume components to deteriorate and can cause a speedy decrease in the quality which will likewise influence the amount of time the aroma will last on your skin. Subsequently, it’s essential to store aromas just in dark and dry spots, like your attire closets.

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How to use perfumes for long lasting

6. You should choose the right points to spray perfume:

Spray the perfume on your pulse points – as the perfumes distribute a more prominent scent and even last longer if you spray them on places where the blood flow is strong and the body temperature is warmer, in the area close to the veins. This area is believed to generate higher heat than other parts of the body so that the scent of perfume will be more evenly spread out and last throughout the day. The pulse point areas include the wrists, behind the ears, the neck, the inside of the elbow, the navel area and even behind your knees. These are the ideal places to spray perfume.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

7. Don’t rub the area after spraying the perfume:

Rubbing the perfume may be harmful to the perfume’s molecules, which can alter its smell and may cause the top scents, which should be released gradually, and can disappear very quickly, making the scent last less time on the skin as the rubbing makes the top notes disappear faster.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

8. Avoid Spraying perfume at Close Range:

If you are going to be spraying perfume, the best way is to spray it from a certain distance, so it doesn’t get too close. The right distance for the perfume to spread throughout the body is from at least a distance of 15-25 cm. This distance will allow the perfume particles to spread wider and evenly the scent will feel lighter and less overpowering this way. So, distance does makes sense!

How to use perfumes for long lasting

9. Spray the perfume on your hair:

Spraying the perfume on your hair will bring a breeze of fresh fragrance, however many perfumes are based on alcohol and spraying them directly on your hair might damage the hair, so you can spray some perfume on your hair brush before combing your hair, it will leave your hair fragrant without damaging them. Also, the hair holds the scent of the fragrance more than the skin.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

10. Perfume layering is a technique of spraying perfume more than once:

You can spray perfume twice to thrice. It will make perfume molecules get bound to the skin’s sebum. This will ultimately make your perfume scent to last longer.

How to use perfumes for long lasting

11. You should always keep your fragrances in the right place:

The last tip we have for your perfume scent to be more long-lasting is for you to pay close attention to where you store your fragrances. The direct exposure to sunlight can make the visible molecules that produce fragrance in perfume to evaporate and disappear. You can put your perfume on a dresser or a cool glass cabinet so that it smells nice and fresh. You should store your perfume in a cool and dark place and keep the perfume in its original bottle. You should never shake your perfume bottle.

How to use perfumes for long lasting


These are some tips for How to Use Perfumes For Long Lasting that we have compiled for you to help you make your perfume scent more long-lasting so that you can keep your body smelling good throughout the day. We have thoroughly explained how to use perfumes for long lasting. We hope it helped!!!

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