Oud Royal by Armani / Prive

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  • Unisex
  • Eau de Parfum
  • 100ml

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Oud Royal perfume by Armani / Prive is characterized by the scent of Agarwood. This mysterious, valuable and impressive material invites to discover the smells of the orient. The perfume contains woody and leatherlike, as well as smoky and animalistic notes. With this fragrance, Armani attempts to exhibit the philosophy of eastern chemistry.

Oud Royal by Armani / Prive is one of the 3 perfumes of the Prive collection that were launched in November 2010: Ambre Orient, Oud Royal, and Rose d’Arabie. The collection is named “La Collection des Mille et Une Nuits,” inspired by the medieval Arabic tales from 1001 nights. These three new haute couture perfumes depict the exotic mystery of the Orient with its warm, spicy and woody notes on the subject of rose, oud, and amber.

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