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Cinque Terre

Memo Winter Palace 75ml Unisex is a fresh and spicy scent that is a powerful contrast between fire and ice. Inspired by the hypnotic energy of China and its imperial palaces, the first impression is of fresh bergamot and oil of orange that brings a sheer and invigorating power.

As soon as the freshness settles, the red tea accord rises with a spicy and warming sensation, like a dragon from its lair. This creates a trail of fiery warmth and powdery amber tones that further celebrates Winter Palace as a scent of contrasts. Tea and Fire: fresh and powerful, summer as winter, sweet but spicy.

The black lacquered bottle is dressed with a dragon – a symbol of power and good luck in Chinese culture – with the recognizable blue of the Art Land collection from Memo Paris.

Oil of grapefruit, dry amber wood accord, oil of bergamot, benzoin resinoid, cistus labdanum absolute, oil of orange, styrax resinoid, tolu resinoid, fair trade vanilla extract, red tea accord, musk accord, Tonka bean absolute, oil of lemon, oil of maté, Gurjum balsam.

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