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Detail Guide on What are Perfume Notes? – How to Choose Best Perfume

Perfumes are an essential part of our life. Perfume plays a vital part in our lives, and in our style statement, it boosts the personality and brings confidence in the person.

A perfume is filled with Best Notes, which play a significant role in making a perfume worthy of wearing. Perfumes are used for multiple purposes in our life. We usually use them as a remedy to vanish unwanted odor from our body. Besides this, it has all ingredients to make us healthy as well.

Perfume is the reason behind sweet-smelling smiles. Wearing perfume is easy but finding a great perfume that reflects our personality is a challenge. We are discussing and guiding peoples about perfume ingredients. What Are Perfume Notes?

Like a melody & Sound makes a complete song the same, these three Notes complete a perfume. In this blog, we will guide you to everything about “What Are Notes in Perfume”!



What Are Top Notes In Perfume?

What are Top Notes in Perfume - What Are Perfume Notes

What are Top Notes in Perfume – What Are Perfume Notes

Top notes are the first note/scent of a perfume when we spray on our body. They show our first impression of our fragrance smell to the next person, and selecting a wonderful Top Note perfume can enhance your first impression of your personality. But it evaporates very quickly. Top notes are not long-lasting.

According to research, the Top notes usually work up to 5-15 mins after spraying on the body.


The Top Notes are made with very light and small molecules. Here are some familiar fragrances that are used for top notes are 

  • Citrus Scents
  • Rose
  • Lavender

2- What Are Middle Notes In Perfume?

What are Middle Notes in Perfume - What Are Perfume Notes

What are Middle Notes in Perfume – What Are Perfume Notes

Middle notes are also known as heart notes; they are the second note of perfume after top notes. Middle Notes Last longer than top notes and are only felt once the top notes begin to fade away from our body.

The heart notes also act like some “Cover-Up” for the base notes, which sometimes does not entirely have a pleasant smell of its own.

Some familiar fragrances used as heart notes/Middle Notes are floral, Cinnamon, and cardamom scents.

According to research, the heart notes/Middle Notes usually work on our body up to 20-60MINS after spraying on the body.

3- What Are Base Notes In Perfume?

What are base Notes in Perfume - What Are Perfume Notes

What are base Notes in Perfume – What Are Perfume Notes

Base Notes the final note of a perfume is the most important and the founding note of perfume. Base Notes lasts longer as compared to other ones.

Base notes sink into the skin, and they can last up to 6 hours in our body. Base Notes usually kick in 30 minutes after we spray perfume on our body and gives dominance to the other perfume notes.

Base notes the long-lasting note which works on our body more than Top and heart notes according to research Base notes usually work on our body up to 6hours after spraying on the body.

The most commonly used base scents are :

  • Vanilla
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar Wood


  1. STEP1: The First Smell you feel after spraying perfume is your Top Note
  2. STEP2: After 15-20 Mins, the smell you feel is your Middle Note/Heart Note
  3. STEP3:  After 1 hour, the smell you feel is your Base note that works on your body for up to 6 hours.


In this blog, we discussed a detailed overview of “What are Notes in Perfume”  and its types, which one is higher than other what role they play in our Perfumes. Perfume shows your personality and style. Perfumes vanish unwanted odor so we can look adorable. We will Suggest you before buying any perfume you must read its Notes.


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